Western Union - Sportsbook Deposit Options

Western Union - Sportsbook Deposit Options

Before you can start playing at a sportsbook, the first and most important step is depositing the initial funds into your account. For you, the player, it is very important to be able to make a quick and secure deposit without any additional hustle. For the sportsbook it is imperative that they are able to offer a wide range of deposit methods which are safe and convenient for the players, but at the same time guarantee that all funds will safely arrive into the sportsbook account.

Although you'll find that dozens of payment methods are accepted at almost every online sportsbook that takes on players from the United States, not all of them are available to players that come from the USA. But, one of the most secure and reliable methods that is accepted for US players is Western Union money transfer. With Western Union you are able to deposit money directly into your sportsbook account.

Apart from credit cards, Western Union is among the most popular deposit methods when it comes to sportsbooks. Western Union is a financial services company specializing in direct transfer of payments, and can be used to make deposits into online sportsbooks that take on players from the United States, such as: Bovada, Betonline, 5 Dimes, GtBets, etc. Your sense of security will certainly increase knowing that Western Union is a company based in Englewood, Colorado and is as such bound by US law.

On this page we'll try to answer all of your questions relating to Western Union deposits, by taking an in-depth look at all advantages and disadvantages of Western Union deposits to online sportsbooks.

5Dimes and GTBets.

Advantages of Using Western Union

Western Union is a widely accepted payment method for players from the United States at online sportsbooks, even where credit cards might be declined as a payment method. Making the payment request is fairly simple - just go to one of the Western Union locations across the country or use their new feature and make the request online. And when it comes to high rollers, Western Union is one of the best deposit methods available, as they have the highest maximum amount that can be deposited.

Disadvantages of Using Western Union

The biggest drawback of using Western Union is the fee being charged when you use this method to make a deposit. The good news is that some sportsbooks will waive the fee for deposits over a certain amount. Another disadvantage of using Western Union to make a deposit is the fact that there is an above average minimum deposit requirement. If you are a player who doesn't wish to make a high deposit, a transfer via Western Union could have a higher requirement for a minimum sum than other methods. It is not always the case, but it happens at some sportsbooks.

How to Make a Western Union Transaction

The process of making a Western Union transfer is pretty simple. After signing up with a sportsbook and creating an account, you must notify the operator that you intent on making a deposit via Western Union, so that you'll be able to get all information required for the transfer.

If you wish to complete the transfer online, you can do it from your Western Union account online to the sportsbook. In this case, payment must be done from a credit card or a debit card, while making a deposit from a Western Union hub can be completed using cash.

When you have the verification that the transfer has been made, you need to forward the tracking number to the sportsbook, so they will be ready to receive the funds. Once the funds are received, you'll be notified and your account will be credited with the proper amount.

Can a Western Union Deposit Be Declined?

A Western Union Deposit being declined is very unlikely, because this method of payment is among the most reliable for players from the United States. Unlike credit cards that are sometimes rejected due to banking restrictions for gambling transactions, Western Union is a deposit method for online sportsbooks that is fully guaranteed to work.

Sporstbook Deposit Fees

If you choose Western Union as a way to make payments to a sportsbook, you have to know that there are fees attached. These fees are not equal for all sportsbooks, but can reach amounts of more than $50. But on the other hand, Western Union allows for huge sums to be deposited and withdrawn to and from sportsbooks, which is the reason why high rollers usually prefer Western Union as their method of payment.

Sportsbook Withdrawals

Sportsbook players can use Western Union to make withdrawals as well as deposits. To check if Western Union is an option for withdrawals at your sportsbook, all you need to do is visit the cashier section. There will be a clear indication whether you may withdraw money using Western Union. Usually, the method is available for withdrawal if you made a deposit via the same method. Also, there will be details regarding the minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn via Western Union. The time it takes to receive the money varies from a day, up to 10 days. You should note that withdrawing money via Western Union carries with it steep fees and should only be used for high payouts.

Security of Western Union Deposits

Deposits made via Western Union are very secure. Your transaction number or MTCN (money transfer control number) is your guarantee and a thing you have to hold on to, until the moment that the transaction is verified. Afterwards, the sportsbook takes over the security, implementing their measures that guarantee your money's safety.

Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

Certain sportsbooks will offer a bonus for using a deposit method to make a payment. Making a deposit via Western Union may actually get you additional funds. These bonuses may vary anywhere from 15% all the way to 25% of the deposited sum.