Halftime Betting Strategy - Handicapping Tips

The great thing about halftime betting is it gives you the chance to offset what looks like a sure loss ATS or on the total, or an opportunity to pour on the good times on what is a likely win at the window.

In that sense, in addition to being a welcome wagering option in its own right, halftime betting is the world's most timely hedge - or parlay - depending on the situation in which you find yourself after two quarters.

Remember that halftime betting is about mutual advantage. You've seen the game in question, and probably have a good sense of where the game is headed. On the other hand, the books have time on their side, and thus, can get away with torching you with a bad line because you don't have time to do your proper research.

Focus on some key elements of first half action when capping halftime lines. Were turnovers, penalties, and/or injuries imperative to the first half score or statistics? Essentially, is what happened likely to repeat in the second half, or were there some outliers that are unlikely to happen again? Knowing the sport and the teams' tendencies is a huge part of successful halftime betting.

Pay specific attention to the second quarter. By this time, the opposing coaches have digested their opponents' gameplan. Are adjustments already being made? Which team has the momentum? Is there a player or set of plays that just can't be stopped?

Keep in mind the score isn't necessarily indicative of what's to come. A 'close' game can truly be anything but that when you look at the raw numbers. For instance, it can be tied 14-14, but if one team got their points off of a kickoff return and a interception returned for a touchdown, they could be in trouble in the second half.

There are a ton of bad angles and dumb strategies that can tank your NFL bankroll. Make sure to stay on the right track with smart tips and sharp information.