8 Myths about Betting on Football

There are many football betting myths that people believe and it hurts them when they bet. If you know the real deal about these misconceptions it can increase your chances when you bet on football. Here are 8 myths about betting on football and the explanation on why they are wrong.

1. Except for the Super Bowl the public does not play a big role in the making of the line. The line is made up and adjusted for the thoughts of pro sports gamblers, as they, not the general bettor, are the ones that are dropping the most money on football games.

2. There is balanced action on football betting lines. The goal of the bookmakers is to get equal action for both teams in the game. Generally, around 1/3rd of the NFL schedule will not see much betting, another 3rd will have betting action that is pretty balanced, and the last 3rd will have much more action on one team then another. Usually, how the house does on the one-sided games determine if the sportsbooks will win or lose money.

3. Bookmakers have trap games for the public with the inside info they have. These days, since most people have Internet access, it is not the info available, but how it is looked at. Many times bookmakers still get info in terms of injuries or changes in the weather before the bettors do, but through the Net the time they get this info is not much before bettors. A long time ago if bookmakers saw some legit game data they may attempt the bettor to bet on the wrong side. That is now in the past, as trap games do not really exist nowadays.

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4. Early in the football season bettors have the advantage since bookmakers need to have more time to assess how teams will perform. More time is spent in opening game analysis then any other week. In depth analysis can be seen more then a few weeks prior to the season. It is true that, many times, teams do not show how they will do in the season in the pre-season bettors are in the same boat as bookmakers when looking at how teams will fare in the season. It is probably not luck that the first month to 6 weeks of the season is good for the bookmakers.

5. Pro sports bettors choose their sports to bet only a couple of bets per weekend. It is a fact that most sports gamblers bet on many games. Basically, if you are a pro bettor why risk a ton of cash on only a couple or a few games if a big play or the call of an official can cost them a game? The more money bet on many games the less luck becomes a factor.

6. Bettors can be more successful by sticking to wagering on a division or conference. This is simply not the case. It is not enough for a bettor to only concentrate on one area since half of the games in the NFL for every team are played outside of their division. It is not enough to only know the strength of a team, but also the strength of the opposing team.

7. Stats betting trends are vital. Technical analysis in games is important, but it is not everything. Pro football bettors don?t put a lot of weight in the favorite or underdog or home and away teams that many think is the thing pro gamblers look at the most. This is just a type of info that is not looked at often, but team analysis is what is looked at the most.

8. Betting on rumors is not smart to do. This is plain wrong. For instance, there is a rumor that Tom Brady has a bug and will be too sick to play in the Patriots upcoming game and because of this is a pro bettor can steal a line that will defiantly change. If the rumor is not true then the bettor still bet on the Patriots at a decent line. Considering many lines are pretty close to accurate the bettor does not take on a lot of risk when betting on a rumor.