NFL Halftime Betting

The 49ers have opened up a 14-0 lead late in the second quarter over Tampa Bay on a blocked field goal attempt and a 98 yard fumble return. However, the Bucs have dominated the first half statistically and you know barring more mistakes or bad breaks that they'll definitely get back in or take over this game in the second half. That's where halftime betting comes in. Halftime betting lines are set at or just before the end of the first half. They allow the bettor to place a wager on the second half of the game after seeing a team's first half performance and give them a better chance at making a winning pick. Below is listed our recommended sportsbooks and their halftime betting information...

Sportsbetting - offers halftime bet for all NFL games and the majority of NCAA football games. Lines are posted within five minutes of the end of the first half. There are no teasers or buying of points allowed on halftime bets.

Pinnacle - offers halftime betting for all NFL games and select NCAA football games. The lines are posted and betting can commence as soon as the first half ends.

Bovada - offers halftime betting for every NFL game and every NCAA football game where the lines are available at halftime. The lines are posted as soon as possible once the first half is complete and betting commences until the start of the third quarter. Only straight wagers and parlay are available for halftime bets.